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Xổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đàiCooperation, Respect, Personal Best

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Gorokan High School enrolment policy:

Gorokan High School is both an academically selective school (for students sitting for the Selective Schools entry test) and a comprehensive high school for local enrolments. 

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đàiGorokan High School maintains an enrolment ceiling, based on available permanent accommodation and total numbers in each year group. Within the enrolment ceiling, a buffer of at least ten places will be held in each year group to accommodate local students arriving throughout the year. Places in the buffer will not be offered to non-local students. 


Our school can help with enrolment queries throughout the year.

Local enrolment area

Most schools have designated local enrolment areas. The  shows our local enrolment area. Note: local enrolment areas are subject to change.

How to enrol 

Contact usXổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đài when you’re ready to enrol your child in our school. You may need to attend an interview with the principal. There you can discuss any medical conditions or other special circumstances before your child starts school. We may also complete a risk assessment on the enrolment.

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đàiFor more information, visit .


The application form must be completed in English. However, a may help you to fill out the form in English.

Non-local enrolments

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đàiAs outlined in the department’s , our school may accept enrolments from outside our local enrolment area if places are available.

We will assess applications for non-local enrolment on a case-by-case basis.

Temporary visas and international students

For information about eligibility and forms to complete, visit the .

Distance education

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đàiDistance education is an equity program for students who are geographically isolated or whose individual circumstances prevent them from regularly attending school. Students must meet one of the conditions in the  to be eligible to access this program as a full-time student.

Distance education schools also provide single subjects for students in Years 9 to 12 to enhance curriculum choice. Please contact usXổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đài for details.

For more information about educational opportunities in rural areas, visit .

Moving overseas

Moving overseas and need school reports authenticated for DFAT? 

Email document.authentication@det.nsw.edu.au to arrange to bring original documents to 105 Phillip Street, Parramatta 2150