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Year 7 - Year advisor

Year 7 - 2020

6th April 2020

I am a qualified teacher who has been at GHS for approximately six years.  I am a local community member and have grown up on the Central Coast attending local primary and high schools.  With a passion for education emanating from a extensive family of teachers,  I am proud to be a part of the GHS community.  Besides my classroom practice in both the PDHPE & Support Unit faculties,  I am also involved in coaching/selecting of GHS and regional sporting teams and I am a member of the GHS Welfare Team as the Year 7 Advisor.

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đàiMy goal as the Year 7 Advisor is to work in the best interest of all students in Year 7.  This is a very rewarding role within the education system and one that I am honoured to have taken on.  It has many components, all of which are significant and important.  Some of these components include wellbeing and welfare needs, parental/caregiver contact, student conflict, medical information, liaising with the GHS staff, convening Year 7 assemblies/information sessions, organising extra-curricular activities (e.g camps), informal individualised conversations with students regarding and 'happenings' (positive & negative) and any other information regarding students in Year 7.

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết ba đàiThe move to online learning has been a busy and emotional time for everyone.  There are a variety of challenges that come with this within the whole community.  If there are any students in Year 7 that are having difficulties in this time,  I am happy to assist in any way I can.  In saying this, if studetns hare having trouble with classwork, assessments and other subject specific work, then contact should be made to their appropriate classroom teacher.  The wellbeing of our students and their families are of high priority to us at GHS and we are here to work together.

I can be contacted via email at or call the school and I will respond as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Mr Sean Glachan

Year 7 Advisor